Signature Events

Signature Events

Finding Community Welcome

In the beginning of the Fall semester, organizations from all six cultural and resource centers and campus partners gather to provide information to incoming students about how to get involved in the campus community. This event also allows for mingling between students, interactive games, food, and music.

Open House & Faculty Fellows Luncheon

At the start of the semester, the center hosts an opportunity for new and old students to become more familiar with the space and meet new friends. Students also learn more about APASA programming and services and meet the Faculty Fellows. The Faculty Fellows Program allows for a professor to host office hours in the center in order to break the perceived intimidation of interaction between faculty members and students and build relationships with students outside of the classroom.

Annual Homecoming Events

During Homecoming Weekend, APASA hosts an open house to allow APASA alumni and community members to connect with current students. APASA also participates in the Homecoming Tailgate on the UA Mall to allow the gathering of APASA past, present, and future. This is a great opportunity to learn how to get involved and hear about the stories of past/current students.

Faculty & Staff Fridays

Once a month, Asian, Pacific Islander, and Desi American-identified faculty and staff are invited to the center to network with the students of APASA. The program allows students to see people that look like them on campus and possibly get to know ways that they can collaborate for internships, research, and more.

Rice Bowl Flag Football Tournament

Students, staff, alumni, and community members from APASA and the larger campus community create teams to participate in a friendly competition over a game of flag football. Rice Bowl encourages team building and community outreach. Although this is a flag football tournament, participants are not obligated to play flag football; they are welcome to bring their own sports equipment, cheer on their favorite team, or indulge in the BBQ feast.

Lunar New Year Celebration

Asian and Pacific Islander communities celebrate the coming of the New Year in various ways. This event hopes to increase awareness of the traditions and values of the students in the space.

APA Heritage Month 

Although nationally recognized in May, APASA celebrates Asian Pacific American (APA) Heritage Month in April. APASA hosts several events aimed to celebrate culture through the invitation of influential guests, performers, speakers, and alumni in the APA community to speak about life growing up as being APA and the obstacles leading up to their current success. The goal is to break the many stereotypes associated with the identities in the APA community.

Leadership Awards Banquet 

This event is an annual opportunity to celebrate student leaders who identify with the Asian, Pacific Islander, and Desi American communities within the UA community. Learn more about this event here.

Lotus Laureate Graduation Convocation

In May, APASA invites graduating students and their friends and families to celebrate the accomplishments of the students and the APASA community. Learn more about this event here.