Room Reservation

  • Please leave the room, tables, and chairs CLEAN (if food is served, it must be disposed of or stored away.)
  • Tables and chairs must be arranged in original room setup before leaving
  • Whiteboards must be cleaned before leaving
  • If utilizing trash can(s) after event, please leave in hall way when leaving so custodial staff have readily access to trash.
  • Ensure door(s) is closed and locked when leaving
  • No RED punch or RED soda
  • Turn off lights - turn of projector/television
  • Ensure doors are locked when leaving - double check before leaving


Equipment Reservation

  • Equipment will only be check-out to employees, clubs, and organizations affiliated with UA Cultural Centers
  • Return all equipment borrowed in the condition it was received, if damaged, borrower/group will be charged.
  • Tables and chairs must be cleaned at the time they are turned in.
  • Equipment must be returned by the agreed return date/time listed. If you fail to do so, you will be charged 5 dollars per day until the items are returned.
  • A student ID card will be submitted at the time equipment is checked out and it will be returned to the student when the equipment is returned.