Room, Equipment, & Affiliated Student Organization Funding Requests


Room & Equipment Reservation

The Asian Pacific American Student Affairs Cultural Center welcomes campus organizations, departments, and Tucson community organizations to use our meeting spaces.

Room Reservation

  • Please leave the room, tables, and chairs CLEAN (if food is served, it must be disposed of or stored away)
  • Tables and chairs must be arranged in the original room setup before leaving
  • Whiteboards must be cleaned before leaving
  • If utilizing trash can(s) after the event, please leave in the hallway when leaving so custodial staff can readily access trash
  • Ensure door(s) is closed and locked when leaving
  • No RED punch or RED soda
  • Turn off lights - turn of projector/television
  • Ensure doors are locked when leaving - double-check before leaving


Equipment Reservation

  • Equipment will only be check-out to employees, clubs, and organizations affiliated with UA Cultural Centers
  • Return all equipment borrowed in the condition it was received, if damaged, borrower/group will be charged
  • Tables and chairs must be cleaned at the time they are turned in
  • Equipment must be returned by the agreed return date/time listed. If you fail to do so, you will be charged 5 dollars per day until the items are returned
  • A student ID card will be submitted at the time equipment is checked out and it will be returned to the student when the equipment is returned


Funding Requests for Affiliated Student Organizations

To obtain funding, applications must be submitted to the Asian Pacific American Student Affairs (APASA) four weeks prior to the event. Affiliated student organizations must submit this form to APASA online via this Qualtrics form.

Please note: Potential requests may include partial funding for food, speaker or equipment fees, etc. Please make your request clear and concise. Please email Kenny Importante, APASA Director, at for questions and/or concerns.