Mental Health & Wellness


The staff of APASA is dedicated to help and support you. APASA has resources that are available to you such as referrals to UA's Counseling and Psych Services (CAPS) that cover the cost of one or more sessions (and will not show on your Bursar's account), making an appointment to speak with our mental health advocate Dr. Euodia Chua and/or to our CAPS Liaison Dr. Ishani Deo. Referrals come directly from any of the professional staff in the APASA Cultural Resource Center and can help initiate this process. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are in need of a referral to CAPS or would like to set up an appointment with our partners.



What is a CAPS Referral?

A CAPS referral is a referral that makes UA's Counseling and Psych Services (CAPS) more available for you to utilize. APASA is able to cover costs for a certain treatment of up to one or more sessions and will not show on the student's Bursar's account. A professional staff is willing and able to help initiate this process. 

CAPS/APASA Liaison - Dr. Ishani Deo


Virtual Office Hours: 3-4PM

Dr. Ishani Deo is a staff psychologist at CAPS, where she provides both generalist and ADHD Clinic services. In addition to her specialization in neurodevelopmental disorders, her clinical interests include anxiety, depression, and working with populations historically underserved by healthcare systems. She is available to see any and all students for a session on their needs.

Zoom Meeting ID: 87502441252

Stay tune for a new APASA Embedded Counselor starting July 2022.

Mental Health Advocate - Dr. Euodia Chua



Dr. Euodia Chua is APASA's mental health advocate with interests and specialties including Traumatic Stress, Resilience, Crisis Intervention, Developmental Issues and Disorders, Identity Development, Family of Origin concerns, Acculturation and Intercultural Issues, Experiences of Marginalization and Oppression, and Community-based Prevention and Intervention. She is available to see any and all students for therapy sessions.