APASA Equipment Reservation Form

Submitted by grahamsands on Fri, 04/08/2022 - 14:07

To make equipment reservation, please fill out the following form. Only one reservation per organization per week. Thank you!

In order to reserve a room, you must agree to APASA's equipment reservation policy. By checking the box under Equipment Reservation Policy at the bottom of this page, you are verifying your informed understanding of APASA’s equipment reservation policy. You also indicate that you have read and will adhere to the following equipment reservation policies:

  • Equipment will only be check-out to employees, clubs, and organizations affiliated with UA Cultural Centers
  • Return all equipment borrowed in the condition it was received, if damaged, borrower/group will be charged.
  • Tables and chairs must be cleaned at the time they are turned in.
  • Equipment must be returned by the agreed return date/time listed above. If you fail to do so, you will be charged 5 dollars per day until the items are returned.
  • A student ID card will be submitted at the time equipment is checked out and it will be returned to the student when the equipment is returned.
  • I understand if I violate any of the above terms the persons/organization requesting equipment will be warned. If violated a second time, the persons/organization requesting will suspend check-out privileges at staff’s discretion for a discussed period of time. If violated a third time, check-out privileges will be terminate at the director’s discretion.

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If multiple dates, please seperate by commas. Example 1/1/2022, 1/2/2022, 1/3/2022

Number of Items

Please indicate the number of each item you will need below.



I have read and agree to the terms outlined at the top of this page